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Our customers are our first priority!
Take a look at some of our recent customers and what they have to say!




Hi Don,
Just want to say I was actually waiting to get the tracking info and that it shipped cause I'm going out next week fishing out of Shark River a couple dates, and it arrived today and very fast as the last reels. Feels and reels nice and smooth cause I just had to fill it with line. My first Canyon I bought about 19 yrs ago from you at one of the NJ fishing shows and have been "hooked" ever since. Again thank you for your help and great reels!

Mitch J.


This is the biggest one we got on the new green 3500. Paired with a 7’ Shimano rod and 40lb braid, it wasn’t a problem. Wish I had pics with the reel, next time. Thanks again.

Casey M.

JULY 2020

You're the greatest. Thank you very much.
We give you 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.

Jorge R.

JUNE 2020

North Pacific of Costa Rica
Happy 15 year old client with a catch on his Canyon spinning reel

MAY 2020

You should be aware that you have a great spokesman for Canyon Reels fishing the Everglades. Capt. Mike Merritt, has Canyon reels on every one of his rods and he got me to switch my personal tackle from Shimano to Canyon.

Mike is probably the best guide fishing Southwest Florida and Everglades National Park. Here are a couple of photos of my recent trip. You can see your blue handles in the top one. I took a young man who had never been in a boat and never caught a meaningful fish. Mike taught him how to do it. If you ever have dealers or customers who want to fish fish the Everglades, you can't go wrong with Mike.

In addition to his Florida fishing, Mike is involved in a resort in Brazil that fishes for Peacock Bass. I'm pretty sure that he has your tackle down there also.

I love my 3500.

John J. Naples, FL


Thanks for the part. This kind of customer service doesn’t exist much anywhere anymore. The quality of your reels is amazing for the cost. I beat the crap out of both of my 3500's and they beg for more. Thanks again for a great affordable product and your excellent customer service.



Don, Just received the reels back. A+ on customer service. Smooth as silk. The clicker button feels very strong and clickers sound amazing. Nicely Done. Going to spool them up and put them to work on Sunday, maybe Monday if I can stay a extra day. I truly appreciate all you do and the fast turnaround.

Jim F.

MARCH 2018

Thanks for the service on the gold reel. The blue one is the one i picked up today. Quality reels for sure.


Hi Don,
I am a fishing guide on Lake Champlain. I saw your reels at the Suffern show last year and purchased two of the Backwater 2000 from your website. I gave them a try for a year. Very nice reel, they work just like they first day I tried them..Great job..I plan on buying a few more this year.


JUNE 2017

Hey Don,
Can't wait to get my reels and slay some tarpon, this one was caught last week on one of your 5000s, love your guys reels!

Thanks, Robert H.

MARCH 2017

I own 6 of your reels: 4 EX16 for striper, 1 EX50 for tuna/Maui-Maui and 1 EX80 for blue fin and big eye.
I must say, all have worked flawlessly the past 5 or 6 years that I have owned them. Had one little clinch with one reel but Don being a stand up man he is stood be hide his product & corrected it without any problems nor issues.

Rick M.


Thank you so much for the donation of the two DJR 3500 reels for the River Oak Church Youth/Sponsor Sportsmanship Banquet. Just as last year, the reels were a big success and they were the top prizes at the banquet again this year.  So when the drawing for the reels came up everyone, and I do mean everyone were sitting on the edge of their seats hoping to win one of these fantastic reels. They had over 775 people in attendance this year and like I said the highlight was waiting to see who won one of these reels.  The next nicest drawing was for one Red Ryder BB gun and trust me there were more hoping to win one of the reels.  

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  
Debbie M.



Just so you know, this has been by far one of THE BEST interactions with any customer service I've ever had to deal with, truly top notch. Another side note, I am beyond pleased with the Backwater 2000 and the next reel I buy is for sure going to be another Canyon Reel.

-Eric A.


Hey Don,
Just wanted to drop you a pic of a happy customer I had on the water yesterday on a bottom fishing trip.  This Mahi swam by the boat and I had one of your Salt 7500's rigged with a pitch bait just waiting for him. First Mahi ever for this fellow. The 7500 made short work of him.


MAY 2016

Hi Don…
We have new video up on a recent Smallmouth Bass fishing trip where we featured your Backwater 2000 Reel!
You can see it here.
Please know that we totally love this reel! We have some other high-end brands in our tackle box that would be hard pressed to match the quality and performance of the Backwater 2000.
The BASS Guys

The Canyon Salt 7500 is the best workhorse of the spinning reels I have ever used for reeling up big fish from 100 to over 400 feet, with a silky smooth powereful drag.

The Canyon Salt 5000 is the best spinning all around reel on my boat from Big Yellowtail Snapper to Sailfish, its performance is flawless.

Thank you
Capt Jorge Piñero

MARCH 2016

Had a Charter last week down here in Golfito bring his new Stella Spinning outfit.We bait and switched using his Stella and my Canyon 7500 on numerous 100/150 lbs. Pacific Sails....He preferred the Canyon...I have had 18 sails on the Canyon and it is as smooth now as fish #1...Congrats....Excellent product..

Harry G.


 Hi Don,
  I have a DJR6500 I use for Tuna here and thought the Backwater 2000 might work for light tackle fluke, but I like the DJR3500 the best. It is a very good reel with a decent drag and casts well. I put the 17 lb Berkley nano line on it and fish light plastics, they cast a mile with that set up. I have a lot of reels but feel these are the biggest bang for the buck out there.

Peter D.

Thanks Don,
You have a great costumer service and my full satisfaction! I cant wait to have the reel in my hands.

Adrian M.


Good Morning Don,
I finally got the reels hung on some of my poles. I have been waiting for a spool of Power Pro Braid 20 pound in the moss green. It was on back order and then they sent my order to someone else and so on and so on. Anyway, I love them so far! I have the DJR 3500's. They have handled the Tarpon and Snook so good! I need to edit a video hooked up to a Tarpon, hopefully got some good reel screaming sounds/shots for you! I will be sure to get you some better pictures during my next charters. The pictures attached were from taking my wife out the other day and the Tarpon and Snook bite was hot! I actually got to catch some fish for myself! My customers have been impressed as well which is even better for both of us! I will be sure to tag Canyon Reels in my pictures on charters on Facebook etc. I am really curious on your new DJR2000 Backwater reel. I assume this would be an ideal Bonefish reel for down here in St. Croix? Just curious to know a bit more on that reel...I may want to get a couple of them for the Bonefish! Have a great weekend!

Captain Mike
St. Croix Inshore Fishing Charters


Hey Don,
Your reels have been holding up to my constant abuse with tons of clients who love them. The 3500 is an inshore slayer for me. The 7500 recently took down a 130 lb tarpon with ease. Of course you know the HS-18 is my favorite for offshore and landed me all kind of Pelagics this summer. I'm still in love with your reels and I'm hoping my clients have made some purchases after our charters.

Eric McDonald
Deep Blue Kayak Fishing


I have never experienced customer service like I have had with you and Canyon Reels! "Unbelievable", only partially does it justice. I received the spooled reels that you promised me 5 days ahead of your scheduled date. I don't know what kind of staff you have working for you, but for the package to be mailed at the time it was postmarked, you had to have stopped what you were doing to follow through with the details of our conversation. I am so impressed and can't thank you enough. Several of my fishing friends have already heard my testimony of your willingness to make things right with me and I am sure this will lead to more sales of your products!
I am looking forward to putting these reels to work in the near future!

As I move forward, my plans are to have a charter boat and fish commercially. Presently, I have a 10 year plan that when I retire from where I work now, I am going to step straight into my fishing profession full time. I am in the process of obtaining my Captains License and have recently began fishing commercially on a small scale. Your service to me will undoubtedly pay dividends back as I expand with my fishing arsenal of rod & reels in the future. I was once a Penn man and still value their products but you have converted me to believing more strongly in your products with the exceptional customer service and reliability that is unparalleled in the fishing industry.
Thanks again... a million times over.



Hi Don
I just put out my latest video from us down in the Keys. I put Canyon out there in a big way in this one, reels did great. I am loving the 5000s.

Captain Brad
Catch Em Outdoors

Hi Don,
I just got home and the HS-15 you serviced was waiting for me. I appreciate your great service. Reel feels smooth as silk!! Thanks Don.

Hector sent me a note, letting me know what you are doing and how excited he is. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for what you did. Thank you so much. Just another of many reasons I tell everybody about you and Canyon Reels. You continue to knock it out of the ballpark and I am proud to know you.

I have been with MAD from the start and was a board member for a couple of years. Now I will just be taking 2 or 3 troops out fishing at the MAD Southport, NC event on September 19. I will be unveiling my new Cape Horn and will have about 15 of the 19 Canyon Reels on board. I pray for good weather and to put these troops on some serious fish.

Thank You again..
Jim Fore
Wicked Games Fishing

JUNE 2015 -

The EX-16 performed great today. We hooked a total of 4 amber Jack and kept the two smaller ones. The larger fish came in at close to 60lbs. And the smaller at around 30-35lbs. The drag on this reel really impressed me. Just wanted to let you know that you have a great product and I feel honored to be a part of your program. Thanks again for the awesome service.

Chris D.

MAY 2015 -

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I have loved your reels. I fish a 27' CC off the NC coast for Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and Billfish. After speaking with you I picked 4 of the EX-16's. Not only do they look great, they perform flawlessly. I am running 50 LB gear and haven't found a fish they couldn't bring in.

Ben Motley
Play Hard Sport Fishing

APRIL 2015 -

I received the line today. Thanks so much. I had been dealing with an outfit in LA and was disgusted with their service. They could not get the line to me in a week. You did it in two business days from Jersey! I am glad I found your web site. Thanks again. By the way, I think the master braid is one of the best braids out there. I fish sturgeon in California and Oregon so I need a reliable braid.
Bob A.

JANUARY 2015 -

Thank you very much for sending the new reel plus the extra spool. It’s much appreciated when a company holds true to what they say they’re going to do.
Thank you,
Kevin S.

I received the new reel. You are a great guy and tremendous business man. I have referred you to 2 guys this week.

Gregg F.

After receiving a Tony Maja signature Canyon Reel for Christmas, I stopped by your booth at the outdoor show to ask about it. Just wanted to say you had a great staff of guys working the show and a pleasure to meet you and walked away with 2 more reels, an HS-15 and a DJR3500. Now all I need is some nice weather and fish. Thanks for your help, it's good to know the personal support you offer with your products.

Joseph G.


Good morning. I wanted to first thank you for returning my telephone call on Thursday, it seems to be a thing some companies are lacking these days... customer service.
The other thing I wanted to thank you for was giving me solid info on the rod I selected for the new Canyon Reel. I went into my local sports store (which I will leave the name out due to their falling reputation), and they had a wide variety of spinning rods, and I actually located the last Tsunami Air Wave they had. Again... thank you for the info and the great customer service, I have high expectations of the new reel and cannot wait to receive it and start fishing. You will surely have my future business.
Thank You,
Randy S.


Hello Don,
I am blown away by your 3500 spinning reel. I caught a 70lb stingray and landed it in less than 10 min with 15lb power pro and 25lb leader.  I tightened the drag so much and it stays smooth and is unbelievable. The drag doesn't get all jerky like every other reel I've used. I attached a pic for you.

Thank you,
Capt Chris Law
Savage Charters

AUGUST 2014 -

Thank you so much, it was a perfect fit. The reel is back, functional and looking good. Usually reel manufacturers don't just send parts to the house, even though they're million dollar companies. I do appreciate you sending me that handle for my reel. Love my reel. Thanks again...

Hey Don,
Here it is the Canyon EX-16 on my custom wrapped Seeker 1x3 I had the EX-16 loaded with 100# hollow Jery brown, 23 yd 60# mono and a piece of 40# flouro #3/0 ringed Mutu Circle. I set up a plonker rig with a rubber band and 8oz weight at about 5 ft from my hook and let out about 100-150ft of line. With the scope my bait depth was probably only 50 ft. The guys flying on the surface were gettting bit and getting 15- 40 lb fish. And then my rod went off. Took about an hour and a half to get the fish landed and I was just hoping the whole time that everything held together.
Enjoying my new reel- Thanks

Barb M.

Hello Don,
I got to use your reels on a few charters and today got on some very nice fish. I really love these reels. All of my clients have said how nice they look and feel. I used them on a school of oversized redfish and the drags are silky smooth. I'm very impressed so far. I've tagged you guys on my Instagram page and I have attached some pictures for you.

Thanks again,
Capt. Chris Law
Savage Charters

JUNE 2014 -

Hi, just a quick comment. I have the HS-18 TD reel for about 2 years now and the biggest fish I have caught to date is a 180 lb blue shark on 65# test braided line with an 80# lb Jinkai mono top shot. The HS-18 TD is one of the smoothest reels I own. I have a Shimano Talica 12ll, FinNor Marquesa 30ll, Accurate Boss Extreme 2 speed, Penn 12VSX 2 speed, I think that my Canyon Reel surpasses the other reels even though it's a single speed reel!


Hey Don,
It's Greg, the guy who bought the 8 reels from you. Yesterday we landed this 13 foot 363lb thresher on your Canyon Reel. The reel made the fight a pleasure and the line you put on was amazing. The shark went under the boat 3 times and the splice was incredible. I wish I could help you sell these reels! You got me hooked no pun intended.

Greg F.

Hi Don,
I love your reels. I've let some of my buddies use mine in the last year and they have ordered 3 or 4 apiece they now have more than I do. Thanks for offering great reels with so much power at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Trae L.

Thank you very much for the knob. Customer service goes a long way!
Thank you,
Kevin C

Hey Don, I put your reels to the test again and they kicked ass!


Hi there! I just want to start off by saying I absolutely love your guys' product, it's so good, way better than anything else on the market. I always try to recommend you guys to my friends if possible, I stand behind your product and know the quality is amazing!

Spencer S.

MAY 2014 -

Hello Don,
Just wanted to let you know that the new spinning reels are holding up well. Seems that our fishing is getting better by the day. I also would like to get a couple of the 3500 size reels. Again, thanks for the awesome reels and what Canyon does for Justified Sportfishing.

Captain Derrick Hansley
Justified Sportfishing

APRIL 2014 -

I will certainly promote [Canyon Reels]. It seems to me that any reel that can handle 20 Kingfish between 16kg and 30kg in a single one day session without any issue at all has to be robust and reliable. If these are not two of the primary requirements when purchasing a fishing reel for any one, I would question their rationale. I will stay in touch and hope to send photos over the next couple of months of some big bluefin tuna that the HS-18 has vanquished.

Barry in Australia

Hi Don,
It's Charlie from Misfit Charters. I just want to tell you that I have been using your reels for a couple years now and they are by far the best. We have many large fish taken on your reels from shark to fluke and never anything but top of the line performance. Just the other day I was in the tackle box and saw your new spinning reel and had to try it. Three days and 60 bass later, it is a work horse. I cannot find a flaw in it. Just want to say thanks for the great gear.

For years I would only fish Stella spinning reels. I have had many of them, and knowing what quality the HS-30's and HS-15's were I bought from you I was not in any way hesitant to try the spinning reels. I am now converting all my spinners to your reels. I would put them against any "high end" reel on the market. I have had clients beat the 15's to the point I was waiting for something to go wrong and time after time they stand the test and continue to prove themselves to be top in the industry. I am truly putting the spinner to the test with jigs and bait on bass in the bay and soon hope to see what they can do out front. Thank you so much for such a great product.

Captain Charlie,
Misfit Charters

Whooped this AJ with one of the reels you sent me. Got him in from 324 ft in less than 10 mins. I gave your number and info to 7 people on the boat including the captain Matt, they will be calling you to order these from you. I also think I sold a few 6500's for you. I let a few of them try my 6500 with a popper and they loved it. Let me know what I owe you, I'm keeping the 16's. The small yellow fins I got with the 6500. The AJ and the squid with the 16 along with 22 10-15 lb black fin tuna. Also got a two day limit of vermillion snapper and four mutton snapper.


I received the reels in the mail today, they are absolutely perfect. I love the handles on them. I will give them a very good workout this week and let you know how they worked on Monday. The hats are absolutely cool. Thanks again, look forward to sending you pictures and videos. If at all possible next year I would love to show off your reels at the Houston tackle show. I will rent a space and showcase your products. I believe they are the best on the market.


MARCH 2014 -

Thanks for the fast service on the reel. Great Job.

David S.

JANUARY 2014 -

Ok great, you will see an order from me soon, and your choice of equipment is great, I really like the Lamiglas rod you recommended last year, hooked on saltwater for life, can't wait for those striper in the Hudson!

Darryl A.


Hi Don,
I wanted to thank you again for not only working with me on the replacement of the HS-15 Canyon Reel, but also in sending me your personal HS-16 to demo on my recent trip to the islands. The wind was kicking and seas were like a washing machine most of the time so bottom fishing took a back seat to a great wahoo bite on the troll; however we were still able to set up in a few areas and get into some decent action from grouper, muttons, a few tuna, and various other species.

I used my HS-15 Canyon along side of my TN12, TN16, and TN20 and it proved to be quite powerful given its size. In fact both the Canyons felt way stronger on the drag than even the TN20 which is twice their physical size. That’s really what I was looking for which was scaling down tackle while still being able to put the brakes on some of the bigger grouper I might run into. I think the Canyon definitely had the advantage in smaller size/heavier drag strength whereas the Trinidad’s seemed smoother on drag/regular retrieve. I had a couple friends with me who also tried out the Canyon’s and both were also impressed with the power. Even locked down the various Avets and Trinidads the others were using still slipped while the Canyons stood ground on most of the comparable fish we hooked. Going light while still being able to keep quality fish from becoming shark bait was really nice. Over the course of the trip a few of the blacks, larger muttons, horeseye jacks, and AJs gave the lighter tackle (and us) a run for our money, but we had a lot of fun testing our skills and the lighter equipment under those conditions.

Thanks again for going way above and beyond in the support of your product. You just don’t get that kind of personal attention anywhere these days so it is really appreciated.

Given the holidays are upon us and I just blew a ton of money on the trip, making an investment in a new reel or two will have to wait, but all things considered I think you made a few new fans and a few more Canyons may make their way into our arsenal in 2014.

David B.


Dear Don,
I won one of your EX-16 reels this weekend. I was on the Ranger 85 out of Channel Island Sportfishing in Oxnard, CA and fished a 2 day trip with about 30 other anglers.
Gordon Byrne was on board and set it up that the biggest fish of the 2 day trip would win the EX 16 and the second biggest would get the DJR6500 spinning reel.

I have a number of Avet reels and also Diawa Saltest single and 2 speed. I have not seen your reels before, but I am not an equipment expert so there are may brands I am not aware of. However, handling this reel and checking out how it works - I like it very much and feel I won something very special. I have won a couple of jackpots over the years but this was the best prize yet.
Just wanted to send a note to Thank You for donating the reel. Just to let you know there were 29 guys (and the crew), on that ship, that were really jealous!

Barbara M.

OCTOBER 2013 -

Well I now own two HS-16s and one HSX-30 and for the first time in many years I have felt comfortable not being spooled here... I broke my buckles on sure catch harness had a stainless rod holder ripped out of the boat because I needed to rest up while fighting something huge. My girlfriend fell in love with her HS-16 that night as did I. We fish together always, she has only fished for 3 years, I have fished for 40 years. All the reels are fitted to 37kg ugly stick fishing rods, the 16 has 80lb braid wound on them, and the HSX-30 has 100lb on it.

Shane R., Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Hi Don! Thanks for the t-Shirts and the hats! My son and I really like them! I was surprised that the hats have lights in them! That's a great idea for fishing at night!

Thanks again Don, that was very nice of you to do that!
Leonard S.

Just wanted to let you know I'm really impressed so far with the reel you sent me. I've been fishing every day and have so far caught about 20 yellowfin in the 50-70 lb class, a couple school bluefin to 200lb and a 71lb striped bass on it at the fingers. I've had zero issues, the drag kicks ass and I'm having an entirely different experience with this one. I was also extremely impressed with your customer service. I believe it's truly the best in the business.

Keith N.

AUGUST 2013 -

Just received the reel. I want to thank you, I like the blue. I like the upgrade and line, I'm going to put this reel to the tuna and you will be getting pictures of it next to a bluefin in the next couple weeks! Thank you again it is awesome to see people stand behind their products, and you get an eleven out of ten on your customer service!


I would just like to start out by saying that I had the opportunity to fish with a Canyon Reels HS-15 High Speed Jigging Reel recently. It absolutely made my day. I haven't been able to fish for a few years until this summer due to a back injury that put me out of work for probably the rest of my life so I have not been able to fish due to finances until my brother-in-law purchased a boat recently. Well to make a long story short, a friend of his had the above mentioned reel and It just blew me away. The only thing that was a bummer is that his wasn't in the left handed model as I can only effiently use due to injury. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for making such an amazing piece of equipment. Although I know I will probably never be able to afford one of your reels, I just wanted to let you know that using that HS-15 that one time absolutely inspired me to put the daily back pain out of my mind and try to find ways to fish now whenever I can. I have been telling anybody that would listen to me about that reel and I know of at least 2 people that will be placing orders soon. So again I just wanted to personally thank you for creating some an amazing piece of equipment. It has truly inspired me and I hope that one day I will some how be in a financial position to purchase one.

Thank You again,
Mike F.

The issue was with the rod that the reel is on..... That reel performs better than a reel three times the price.... Can't wait to buy the HS-30 when I get a little money... I'm planning on using it for king of the beach down here.

Paul had an issue with the drag on his HS-15 not staying set. We offered to take the reel in, make repairs and even upgrade it for him.

Don that was the fastest response I ever got for anything fishing related. So it's true how good you are with customer service.

JUNE 2013 -

Hey Don,
The other day i was installing my HS-15 on a Jersey Jigger 125g and some how managed to snap the screw that tightens the reel clamp into the reel. I was wondering if there was any way you could send me a replacement screw for the clamp. Please let me know what can be done.

Brad J.

We sent a new screw out to Brad and this was his reply:

Thanks so much.  You're the reason why all my new reels are Canyons, nothing else.

Hi Don,
That's incredible!!! I have gotten the reel 10 minutes ago!!!!

WOW - such a nice reel! I am delighted and so happy!!

I will test them very soon. We want to catch a catfish in three weeks.
At the same place where we caught the pike last Sunday.

Thanks for the great service, take care and have a great day.

Hi Don,
I wanted to let you know I LOVE your reels! The EX-50s got a good workout last weekend at the tournament catching ble sharks 5'-7', just outside of the money. I don't have any pics or videos, maybe this weekend for the Hyannis, MA tunafest tournament. We will have Penns and yours side by side.

Thanks again for a great reel!!

Bob C.

MAY 2013 -

I was so surprised when I got home from the cabin to see my reel sitting on the porch already. I'll have the wife mail out a check later today. I'm gonna be seating up a new rod and want to know if the HS-15 comes in any other colors now in the left handed and also the HS-16 single speed lefty. I was thinking about an HS-16 lefty on a st Croix pr70h for deeper water. Your thoughts and info would be great. Thanks for your service and product

P.S. I'm gonna wipe this down and spray off with water once in a while. Hell, I might rinse off my hands after baiting up with clam now, LMAO!


I don’t know if you remember me, but I purchased your spinning reel about a year ago.  I am still in love with it and this past weekend caught this barracuda on a live pinfish. Fishing is heating up down here in the Panhandle of Florida so I will keep spreading the good word about your products and sending you updates periodically. Thanks for everything and looking forward to any new gear you may have coming up.


Caught this snapper on my very first drop with my new HS-15. Snapped the rod in half later that day fighting a grouper but the reel never missed a lick. Thanks for a great product.

Rod W.

A Heartwarming Story:

A couple of weeks back I had the privilege of taking a young boy fishing.

Kody is a 7yr old boy from Maine who has spent a portion of his life fighting Leukemia. Kody said "I want to catch a fish from a boat" I was contacted by the Catch-A-Dream Foundation and asked if I could make this happen for Kody. The only thing I could say was "Bring him ON"

Not knowing what to expect, I have to say my eyes were open to a whole new world. To hear stories about near death experiences from a 7yr old boy just does something to you.

We met at the boat at 6am and headed out the Perdido Pass and started trolling for kings and whatever else might be around. To see Kody's face light up when the drag started screaming was amazing, this fish quickly became more important than any fish on my bucket list. Once the fish hit the deck Kody was so excited and ready for the next "big one". We managed a couple more nice hook ups, enough that Kody fell asleep on the ride back to the dock.

Later that evening Catch-A-Dream hosted an awards dinner for Kody at Wolf Bay Lodge in Foley, Alabama. Where Kody was presented with a plaque and his very own camouflage bible. Catch-A-Dream will also be providing Kody with a mount of his trophy fish.

Catch-A-Dream Foundation provides hunting and fishing trips for children like Kody, that are fighting life threatening illnesses. They make sure the trip is all about the child, do what he/she wants to do. I look forward to many, many more trips with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation.

I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie, the crews of Rigid Industries LED Lighting, Canyon Reels, Gulf Water Gear, and the staff of Catch-A-Dream Foundation for making this trip possible!!!

- Josh Huffmaster

 I was out for a week, yesterday I got back home and had a nice surprise. You sent me the washer and even another bearing. I had read very positive feedback about your company but these more than exceed expectation. I am thinking the HS16 would be another good addition to my arsenal.

MARCH 2013 -

Hi Don,
   Just received my HS-15 reel from you and wanted to express my thanks for your going over it. As you might have guessed, this is my "go to" reel for the upcoming Striper-Bluefish season. I have it mounted on the original rod I purchased with it at the Brick tackle shop. All I know is that it works like a charm and can handle most of the pelagics we catch in New Jersey. After you've finished servicing it we are good to go for the rest of the season. The reel seems to be as smooth as the day it came out of the box.
   I am looking at your new HS-16 reel. It's on my big wish list. Thanks again Don for taking care of my favorite reel. You seem to know these reels like the back of your hand. Good luck to you in the coming year and a big thanks again.

Ellis F.


Hi guys!
 I’m looking for some stickers for my boat, trailer, equipment, etc... Do you think you could send some out to a proud fan of your products please? Thanks!
S. Barbeau

Of course we could, watch your mailbox!

Lukas in New Zealand had an issue with his newly purchased reel. Instead of giving him a runaround and making him paying for shipping back and forth, Canyon Reels replaced his reel under warantee. He had this to say:

Thanks again Don, most impressed with how you have handled this. The difference between the good companies and the not so good is not if you get an unusual problem (all brands can have a failure) it's how you handle those problems that counts! t is plain to see you care about your product and your customers...... Something that is certainly lacking in most companies these days.

Best regards

I would like to take another minute to thank you and the boy that was working with you on Saturday for all of the help that was given to John and myself. I cannot wait for my reels and rods to arrive. Like I told you yesterday I have always been a shimano man and that I put a lot of thought into these reels after all the junk that I read online about them but I am also a small business owner myself and I take pride in supporting the "new guy"! Therefore the days of a spread of shimano reels has come to an end! I appreciate you being there to speak with personally and just the pride that you have in the products that you have made. And that if we ever need anything you are just a call away and I don't have to call a 800 number and wait weeks for assistance. Thanks again for everything and I will be adding to my collection of Canyon Reels in the near future!

Isaac T.

We met this past weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Saltwater Expo in Hampton, VA. I purchased an HS-15 blue and we added a hint of black at the show.  I also pre-ordered a DJR-6500 from you. I am super stoked to have a met you and your awesome products. I can't wait to get on the water and put this fine equipment to work. Thank you for your support.

Blake W.

Good morning Don,
I have two reels I want to have to get ready for the spring both are hs-10 and both started making a little noise at the end of last year, one after i reeled up a 25 pound brick, yes you read that right a 25 brick-lol see picture can i send them to you or do i need to bring them to a tackle shop?

George K.

ps I sent my friend Sean to you a couple a weeks ago to get a reel for blackfishing. He loved it, caught his biggest tog ever.

JANUARY 2013 -

My buddy Brian picked up my new reel for me a few weeks ago and we went out and bailed big tog. Got my personal best at 7 lbs and limited out. The reel was awesome. I paired it up with a Shimano Trevala jigging rod and it wrangled the fish out of 125ft of water with ease. I love the reel and can't wait to chase big bass this spring!



Hi Don,
  I’ll be looking for a second EX-30 after the first of the year… What’s the inventory and or production looking like for early ‘13? The guys I fish with use a lot of shimano stuff btw…but the quality and brute strength of the Canyon blew them away. Any plans to make a wide version for larger mono capacity? I happen to like the current model myself. I was able to spool 600 yds of JB 100lb braid plus a topshot of ~80 to 100yds of mono.

Carl S.

Don: Hope you are well and that your place was spared serious damage. I had brought you my rod and reel so that you could remove  the reel from the rod. Your courtesy will always be remembered. I pray that you and your family are well.

Warmest regards,

OCTOBER 2012 -

Canyon Reels,
I just started fishing offshore 3 years ago; I’m now finding myself becoming more and more passionate about it. After a lot of research I’ve selected Canyon Reels to be at the top of my list of three reel manufacturers to consider. The main reason is what seems to be your company’s passion for its product and the fact you make lefty reels. I am right handed, but I’ve been fishing left handed since I was 5 and see no reason to stop now.
I am still a major novice and am pretty much at the mercy of what you decide to tell me; so I hope you will take the time to steer me in the right direction.

Thank You for your time and efforts,
Luther S.


Thank you so much for coming and fishing with us on this 48hr trip this week!!! I know that our customers enjoyed the demo!!! I hope that you're able to get a few customers from the trip!!!! If you could send me a catalog with pricing I have a few of my clients that I showed the HS-16 to last night, one is ready to purchase 6 for his boat for king mackerel fishing!!!! I would love to be on your pro staff and try and help you out here in Morehead City I love your reels!!! Again, Don, thank you so much for coming on this trip and if there is anything I can do let me know!!!!!!

Joseph D.

I had a fun experience with my HS-15, first trolling out to some fishing grounds in N. Florida on a head boat, caught a smaller king mack, then hooked a nice blackfin tuna. Once we got to some structure I wrestled a nice 15+ lb red grouper from the rocks and several other snapper, great little reel and it travels with me on many fishing trips!
Take care and thanks again!
Hey Don,
Got the reel this morning ..your service is awesome..... I will buy no more other brand reel but Canyon.

Thanks :)

AUGUST 2012 -

Hi Don-
These are 2 of the 6 fish caught on the HS-15 this week.  The largest fish of the week was approximately 30-35 pounds, but could not be retained due to fin-clip hatchery regulations, it was a wild fish and was released.  The reel's drag was its best feature, with 30# braid the fish could be turned and brought to net wiothout fear of the reel binding or reversing.  I kept the clicker on for sound effects for my boat buddy!!

Best, Ter

JULY 2012 -

First thing, we love the reels.  Get lots of compliments and have been catching fish (thresher pic attached).

Jim U.

Thank you for the courtesy of your fine service, attention and affability. I'll spread the word on Long Island and hopefully we'll get you some customers. I'm saving for the spinning reel.

Thanks again, Michael

I would like to say thank you for your time on the phone today. I do apologize for not knowing your last name. After 16 years in the military I
still feel awkward calling people by their first names, especially the owner of a company.

That being said, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to answer all the questions I had and not just giving a sales pitch but an honest
facts and an opinion. It was also very nice to be able to speak to someone instead of pushing 17 different buttons only to find out someone's mailbox is not set up to call back later!

I spoke to one of our team members already and we will have a meeting later tonight/tomorrow about switching entirely from Penn reels to purchase Canyon Reels to be used by Team AsPro Land Based Shark Fishing Team. As I spoke of, this will require us to spend some time saving up and selling our current gear. When looking at the cost we may have to wait until we get our tax returns back next year as well when we factored in reels, rods and line.

I will say that so far myself and one other team member are deeply impressed not only of your product but your company customer service oriented business.

We thank you for offering us a military discount and look forward to speaking to you again as soon as possible.

Again, thank you very much for your time and help. Semper Fi!

Very Respectfully,
Mike F.

Another thanks for a great product!!!!  My wife landed a nice bluefin tuna using her EX-16 2 speed reel.  She never thought she could do it.  Your reels are the best !!!  You fight the fish not the rod and reel.

Ken and Jane. 

JUNE 2012 -

Hi Don,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the reel today, and how impressed I am. What an outstanding little reel! I can't wait to use it at the end of the month. I will make sure to update you of my trip.


Just wanted to let you know.......1st inshore BFT trip today on my boat in NJ....luckily I used your reel as my way back......60" - 120 lbs. Performed flawlessly coupled with a Hopper Rod.
Thanks and hope all is well,

Hello, my name is Sean and I contacted you on Facebook. I would love to help support your brand in any way I can since your 50w helped me land 2 bull sharks over 7ft long this past weekend. If you have any sort of stickers I can put on my car or pier cart I'd also like to do that. But thank you anyway for making such nice reels. And I'd like to purchase one in the very near future.


 How are things? Thank you very much for everything! You have gone over the top sending an EX-130 plus everything else you have done. Thank you! I thought you may like to know that we were contacted by Canyon Reels Europe, and Wolfgang noticed we had Canyon Reels, plus he noticed the pictures that we had posted and he is organizing a "Canyon Reels Expedition" for 2013. Funny how things work.......We were talking and he asked if we had a EX-130 to use for the chair? Of course we said no but I told him we had hoped to get one. Things happen for a reason!! We have yet to lock in the dates for him but will have to do so soon as we are already booking for the 2013 season. Crazy but lovin it!!

 We will talk soon, take care.
 Jamie B.

MAY 2012 -

Hey Don,
I love the HS-15, it's an amazing reel, I met you last year on Fintastic, I was wondering if it was possible to get a Canyon Reels decal for my truck window??

John W.

Your reels are insane. 3 trips in and they smoked bass, blues and fluke. Nothing put them to the test yet. 14 clients used them and all loved them. Best part was an Avet blew up and guy had to use a Canyon and he is now buying a 15.

Thanks again
Captain Charlie

Don, just a quick picture of the first striper with your HS-18 reel, with a wire line set up.  SMOOTH is an understatement!  
Ken D.

This reel is awesome. We got this 75lb tuna on the first cast of the trip and landed it in less than 10 mins. I can't wait to get more fish and lose less because of this reel. Quality product from a quality company. It is great to see a great product at a great price from a American company. Thanks Don and Canyon Reels.

Chauncey T.

Hello, I'm David M. and I am in the Navy stationed here in Groton, CT. I bought some of your reels a couple months back and am very pleased with the performance they offer. I have been using the HS-15 model a good bit lately and it is great at getting the fish into my hands. I used it cod fishing, catfish fishing in Alabama and striper fishing on the Thames River around my Base. I caught my first keeper sized striper using your reels. Good times and tight lines with your product. Thanks for making some awesome reels.

David M.

APRIL 2012 -

I do not know if you remember me, but you shipped me a 6500 spinning reel in mid-February.  It has been bad weather/new boat every weekend here on the Panhandle of Florida, so fishing has been limited.  I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your reel the two times I have been able to fish it.  This past weekend I tried the beast out on some Amberjack….went (1-3) with a hook pull and I actually straighten the hook out on a 4x Eagle Claw Treble.  Wish I would have taken a  pic of the hook b/c no one but my father in law who was on the boat believes me…..  Just wanted to stay in touch with you and let you know how much I appreciate your customer service and especially this bada$$reel.  I have been talking you guys up down here w/ several SKA guys and trying to spread the word.  I will post some pics soon.
Thanks for everything,
Wes M

MARCH 2012 -

Hey Don,

I bought a rod and reel from you at the Garden State Expo and you told me to send you a picture if I catch something big. Well here it is and I must say the reel was awesome. Worked great and drag setting too... Must say it was a great buy, thanks again.

Ryan J

Hi Don,

What a nice pleasure to meet you at the Fishing Expo. I just received my HS 15 Canyon Reel back from you and I wanted to thank you so much for servicing the reel. I get the impression you know these reels like the back of your hand. Haven't tried it yet but am looking forward to the upcoming Striped Bass season to give it a whirl. It is my "go to" reel for Striped bass, larger Bluefish and false Albacore. It is my favorite reel and always works like a charm.If the rest of the fishing world knew how very good these reels perform they'd be lining up at the door to buy your products.

Thanks again so much for servicing my reel. It certainly feels like it is just as smooth as ever.

Tight lines and have a good fishing season.

Yours Very Truly,
Ellis F.

JANUARY 2012 -

Aloha Don, here is some pictures of some fish from Hawaii. The 80 is working great we are using brad 250lb with a top shot of 300floral carbon with 26lbs on the strike and 76 lbs for the show stopper. Average tuna fight is 15min or less the last marlin was around 300 lbs. We had it to the boat in 10 minutes.


Don your reels are working flawlessly! Looking to purchase a couple more of your EX-50's soon! Hope this picture turns out well... Caught 3 this night and 2 on the ex-50 out of Jupiter Florida...



The reel has been so great I picked another one up from Tom at Jersey Coast the other day. I went out black fishing the other day with an A**t that I recently purchased and was not impressed with it at all. I don’t like the drag mechanism on them at all.  A few times I said to myself- I should have brought the canyon reel instead.
Thanks Don,

Just want to say on here thanks to Don at Canyon Reels. We had a reel for a customer that the lever drag was not stopping at the strike position. He came down within 24 hours and changed out the washer and regreased it and it's good as new. He even left me some goodies. I wish all companies operated this way. Thanks again Don for the quick service and support!

Lacey Marine
Forked River, NJ

I use all the Canyon Reels on our boat for everything, seabass, stripers to sharks, tuna and marlin. This year we used the HS-18 chunking and jigging bluefins and later this season for chunking yellowfins and longfins. Its performance was flawless and at the end of the season Don disassembled them, to find the drag washers and all the internals to be in great shape. I recommend you pick one up or call Don and speak to him about them. And customer service is the best you can find out of all reel manufactorers, which is a key component for me.

Capt Arthur Stokes
Fintastic Charters

OCTOBER 2011 -

You're a man of your word! Got the reel back yesterday, feels and works great, I'm back in business for Blackfish season. Thanks again for standing behind your product and getting the reel back to me so quickly. You're my new best friend in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Much appreciation,


Just wanted to send you this picture from Saturday night. We caught 5 swordfish and your reel performed great! We actually won the tournament. Thanks for the new reel handle for the hs-15 it's perfect! I'll send more pics as I take them, but back to work for me! I'll send more pics in a month haha!


Thanks again, it's great dealing with such reliable and serious guy like you!!

If someday you decide to come and spend holidays in Mauritius i would be very happy to invite you on my fishing boat to go and find some big dogtooth or marlins!!


AUGUST 2011 -


First off, I am very satisfied with the personal service that you provided to myself and William Burch in the ordering process of the EX-30's and and the jigging reel. We have been more than pleased with the EX's thus far. We have pulled up Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Warsaw Grouper and even hooked up to some 'bills while bump trolling for Tuna. We have put the Canyon's next to the Tiagra 50's and have found the drag on the 30's to be comparable or more than the Tiagra 50's.  The Canyons are also much smoother than the Penns and the Shimanos in our experience. I was thinking about adding 2 more Canyon 50's to the line up, but when the 30's have the same drag, less weight, and slightly less line capacity... why go 50 when the 30's can handle the load. We will be ordering some new reels next spring to start outfitting our new addition so we will be in contact. Your reels have been a hit on our part of the Gulf Coast! Thanks so much for putting fish in the boat. Here are a few pics that we captured with the Canyon's in use. Stay in touch!


Hey Don,

Just wanted to say finally got a chance to put a load on my reel I'm running the 30 two speed on a Wright & McGill heavy jig rod spooled with 80 pound samurai boat has been down so been drifting balloons on a lifesavers of the skyway Pier in Tampa bay. The porpoises can be tough here grab the pin fish and run to get you to pull the hook out anyway hooked in to a stingray the size of a hula hoop not really a game fish but can fight like hell no pics didn't want to gaff it for a pic and was not lifting it another way. The reel performed better than I could have imaged I would put up against anything should be back offshore next month so some real pics to come tonight going to see if I can't get a Goliath grouper on really put it to the test and will be buying an 80 soon I was fishing a Penn thirty international made in USA not the new china crap and believe me the Canyon make that look like a zebco.

Saint Pete FL

All i can say is WOW. the reel is top notch. Ive got grouper. Big snapper. anything i have hooked it has killed quick. it is a great reel. Ive even caught nice AJs on it. Eeryone that has used it loves it also. They really like the fact that it is made in the USA. That is hard to find. They like the Drag on it. it has a very smooth drag an they love the big power handle. I got one comment that the handle should be out from the reel more. i think its great the way it is. Two thubs up from me an my dad an everyone else!!


Hi Don.
How are things with you?  busy i'm sure...  Things up here are going great. The fish are here in good numbers and are biting every day. We finally got a guy that we were comfortable putting in the stand up gear. Your reel was fantastic and worked flawlessly.We paired your reel with a custom rod that we got built locally, a 130 blank @ 5 ft long with a curved butt. The other reel is on the same rod only a little lighter blank - 80-. We only got to use it for around 25 mins as the new Aftco harness broke, manufacturer problems.This small amount of time still gave use enough time to see how this style of angling works!!!  Need to be in good shape. We finished the fish in the gunwale,estimated his weight at approx. 850 lbs and released him. Had a very exhausted but happy angler. We have some clients coming in Sept. who will give everything a good workout.  I am forwarding you some pictures of your reel in action on a Giant Bluefin Tuna.
Will forward you more pics this fall as fishing here continues!!!
Take care,

Capt. Jamie Bruce ~ Tuna Clipper
Capt. Troy Bruce ~ White Water
Bruce Brothers Charters

JULY 2011 -

The Reels are fantastic! From the HS-18 to the EX-80 we couldn’t ask for a better product. The HS-18 has so far landed us 100’s of Striped Bass and hundreds of pounds of Cod, Haddock and Ocean Pollock with no issues! The EX-16 has landed Sharks to 400 pounds and some Monster Cod and Ocean Pollock. We’re looking forward to giving it a good beating during the upcoming Shark Tournaments. Across the board all the reels have superior drags and are unbelievably smooth. These reels are bullet proof! We can’t say enough about them. Our customers love them and are purchasing their own! Our plans include dumping the “Congressmen” and fully outfitting the boat with Canyon’s. Thanks for a great product!!!!
Captain’s Shawn & Megan Tibbetts
F/V Miss Megan II

Had a great day of fishing, catching about two dozen bass and blues trolling with light tackle, Canyon 15 performed GREAT with smooth consistent drag on fish up to 43 inches.
Thanks for a really nice product.
Capt Bob Birge

JUNE 2011 -

I picked up an HS-15 from you folks at the Providence show back in March and I had to drop you a note to say thanks for the incredible reels you guys put together. I just landed @Logan last night after a week of fishing in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  We got into yellowfin on several occasions that were running 35 to 50 pounds and the Diablo Rojo (red devil) handled them with ease. Smooth and precise! I had put a full 300yds of the new Suffix 832 braid in 50# on it and, it tamed all comers quicker than my buddy using the captain’s Avets spooled with mono hands down, every fish. That little red devil helped us land Bonito, Skipjacks, Yellowfin and Roosters all day, all week long. Our charter boat skipper Amado was so impressed he traded me a day charter for the reel. They loved the versatility, size and balance of that reel in Zihua!...You have new international fans! Keep up the great work!
Carl Swanson

The reel works like a charm. Outfished all my buddies drifting on my last trip for Stripers in Niantic, Ct. Going out again on the 11th... putting the canyon reel to work!! Thanks for a great product! Sporting the hat baby!!

Don, Just a quick e-mail to say that the EX-16 reels are the best!!!  The first fish caught was a Mako Shark that was 78" long to the fork.  Gutted and bled weighted at Lacey Marine 151 pounds, estimated live weight 210/230pounds.  The drags are the best I ever fished with, so smooth.  If you want a pic I will send you one,  Also I got the bulk spool of Jinkai, sweet.

Don - I bought an HS 15 from you at the Worcester, MA show this winter and later got an HS 30 from you.  The HS 15 has been fantastic.  Been using it mostly to liveline macs for stripers.  The reel is great for pitching macs into the rocks and the drag is strong so that I can pull bass out of the rocks once I hook up.  Nothing huge yet......up to 35" but the reel is fantastic.  It's also been great for casting plugs to surface feeds. Hoping to get out offshore soon to test the HS 30 with some bluefins.  I hope to send you some pics this summer.  Great products and I've been getting a lot of compliments on the reels.  I've got the HS 15 on a 7' Shimano Terez and I've ordered an XXH Terez for the HS 30.  Hope the fishing are biting well down in Jersey.
Thanks,  Dan A.

MAY 2011 -

Hey Don. I bought a reel from you back in Dec or Jan, can't remember. It was a HS-15. You sent me a Canyon Reels sticker with it and I put it on my hard hat. Now several of the guys I work with want one of the stickers.Also here's a link to a video of the HS-15 in action on an amberjack from a couple weeks ago. My cousin (the guy in the video) says he's buying one of these reels now.

Sounds like we can subject that reel to some of the Bluefish torture we've been getting lately. The Stripers have for the most part been uncooperative but they always seems willing to test our tackle. Last year's Striper run was just unbelievable, lots of big Stripers  and moss bunker. You had to get through the Stripers to get to the Blues, so to speak! Look forward to putting that reel to the test this weekend with either Bluefish or Stripers, that is if we get a break from the weather and this huge Northeaster. Thanks again Don for the great service you have provided. Now I know why these reels are becoming so popular. What excellent service! 



I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!! Check out the attached photos. I landed a 40 pound smoker kingfish this weekend on the small jigging reel. The reel worked perfectly, as expected.

MARCH 2011 -

Here's a letter we received from a satisfied customer in Puerto Rico.


That's excellent.  Your customer service throughout this has been outstanding.  I'm very impressed.
Thank you,

JANUARY 2011 -

The reel has taken a little to get use to but I love it and it is really working out well. Attached is a picture of a bass we caught last week. I will try to get you a bigger bass picture with the reel. I can't wait to use it in the Keys this summer for some monster tarpon. Thanks for everything.
Capt. Mark King

Well congratulations on your reels, I am interested in buying one! The reel will be used on bluefin tuna and anything else that grows big! I have heard nothing but good things about the reels & service! My friend Alan Tani said that the reels were a win, win!!!! Lookin' forward to doing business with ya!
Pete Quartuccio


I spoke with you yesterday regarding the parts I needed for my canyon HS-15. You were a great help and the customer service you provide is very personable and reliable. You are a easy going guy and know how to help the local fisherman, the customer support was phenomenal. Thanks again for the part I needed and will stay in touch regarding the other stuff I will be purchasing soon. Good Luck!
-Carmine Tango

Don, just wanted to know that I received the reel you sent me today. That reel should be the bomb for here on Okeechobee for live bait fishing for bass and for fishing the bridges in the Keys for tarpon. I should get to try it out either tomorrow or Friday. I'm very impressed with the reel quality and the small size, I'm looking forward to trying it out. Thanks,

Capt. Mark King


Hi Don,
Thanks for the fast shipping on my HS15 Reel. All I can say is wow!!! This Reel is putting a hurting on Red Snapper and 30LB grouper. Yesterday was my tenth trip with the reel and everyone who uses it is very impressed. I will be getting another one soon and the best of luck to Canyon reels!!
Josh W.
Boca Raton, Fl


Don, fishing is staying pretty good as bottom fishing is the best its been all year! The HS-15 reels are wiches for fishing deepwater cod & ling! We get the fish up in no time while fishing 200+ feet of water! For toggin', the lever drag design is great for locking donw on the bigger fish and getting them up out of the the sticky stuff quickly!  My customers love th ereels!
Capt. Allen Gonzalez
Reel Class Sportfishing
Clarks Landing - Pt.Pleasant, NJ

Hello Canyon Reels, I wanted to send an email telling you that after 4 months of thinking about buying one of your reels, I took the chance and purchased one. I am more than happy with the HS-15 reel I purchased! I never imagined it being as good as it is. I didnt think it was really 12ozs but it feels even lighter. I cranked down on the drag to max it out and I still have a free spool that will spin for almost a full minute!
I cant say enough good things about your reels. I will tell all of my fishing buddys. Thanks Again!
Arthur Bolten
Lewes DE

AUGUST 2010 -

I am using the EX-80 reels with a 32# planer and the drags laugh at it! We are catching giant tuna, marlin up to 800lbs and the drags are smoother than i ever expected! Its like they enjoy the abuse! These fish are no match for these reels. You have my business for all of my reels now! ( I use them harder than most guys being a commercial fisherman)
Cape May , NJ

Just outfitted my new boat with your reels. I am a big **** fan, at least until now. I cant believe how much drag you managed to pack into this tiny little reel. I still dont know how you did it. I do all of my own reel repairs and maintenance, I have taken the reels apart and all I can say is wow! Great product, good luck. I dont think you need it though. I think you need to get more advertising out there so more people learn about your reels.
Don K
Belmar, NJ

Incredible product! Nice smooth, consistant drags, ultra-light and they look badass too! I was trying to decide between 3 reels and I chose your HS-15. I am so happy I did! You need to send these reels to all fo the editors that do write ups on new tackle. I have not heard much about your company and I think its a shame. Alot of people are missing out on your reels.
Gary Klein
Hawthorne, NJ

APRIL 12,2010 -  Bluefin off NC!
Here are some pics from our trip aboard the Canyon Runner. We had a great trip and your reels are nothing short of incredible! Very smooth drags that are stronger than anything we have ever fished! Heres a picture of Jimmy with a 170lb Bluefin on the other end of the line. We even started playing with the tuna using your smallest HS-15 reels!! We got several to the boat using the little reel!!

March -2010 Hatteras, NC 
Bluefin up to 198lbs caught using the HS-30 Two Speed Jigging Reel.  Check out the photos:

Placed the two EX-30's onto my 50lb rods and set off for a day of trolling last weekend. They are just as strong, if not stronger than my **** 50's. The lighter/smaller reels will work out great with the charters this season. Thanks again for the captains program, its nice to know somebody cares about us. We appreciate the deal!

We took the reels (HS-15) to the beach and we cant believe how well they cast. We used 40# power pro, just like we have on our **** Reels, and you were right... they throw almost twice the distance! The preset trick that you showed me works just as well as the magnets. I was not sure if I would be able to throw them, but your trick worked. Just wanted to let you know how well and how far they throw from the surf. Thanks again for taking the time at the show to explain it to me.
Bobby K.  / Jim W.

I just wanted to tell you that I am more than satisfied with the quality of your products. I was a little weary at first, being on the water 4-5 times a week. I am afraid often to switch over to new brands when I have customers relying on me. I want to thank you again for the Captains Program Discount that you guys offer! Its appreciated more than you know. We have been putting them to the test on yellowtails and they are stronger than expected.  I will be ordering more very soon.

Thanks Again!
Capt. Jerry

My name is John S. and my dad and I spoke to you at the Atlantic City boat show.  We have been fishing with Penn reels for over 30 years, but were really impressed with your product.  To my surprise, my dad purchased a blue HS-15 for my 35th birthday gift.  It was one of the best gifts I've ever received.  Spring will not get here fast enough so that I can put it through it paces.  I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to explain your product.  I could see the enthuiasm in your face as you talked about the reels.  I can only imagine how much you've invested in developing this superior piece of equipment.  It looks like a piece of artwork and will hang nicely on my new all-star rod.  In the off season, it will be on my mantle under glass for all to see.  Thanks again and the best of luck to you.  I wish you bent rods and tight lines.
John M. S.
Vineland, NJ 

Guys, just a quick email to let you know that you were absolutely right! You talked me into the HS-15 reels and they have replaced my **** & ******* reels. I will be coming back for more.  I would like to have you guys make me a couple of custom colors up please. Put 4 of the HS15 away for me in blue and silver please. I will call you in 2 weeks.

Capt. Steve
Fishing Bitch Charters


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