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Canyon has created a series of traditional style two speed reels that allow the fisherman to downsize his tackle while improving his performance levels. The monster drag design on our EX Series Reels will surpass your expectations. Each model is treated with Cal's Universal Drag Grease and REELX for optimum performance right out of the box. With a reel designed for each line class, there is sure to be a reel that fits your style of fishing.

Designed by fishermen for fishermen, Canyon Reels feature a drag system that surpasses other manufacturers. Our ratings are true, accurate ratings and in most cases, they are even higher than what we advertise them to be. We have put several years of testing into our reels. Do not be fooled by impostor reels, there is only one true Canyon Reel!

Oversized, machined, power handles are standard on every EX Series fishing reel. Canyon Reels, LLC is made up of fishermen and our products prove it. Every Canyon Reel is inspected by the owners not just employees, before it is placed in the box. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!


  • 3.9:1 High Speed / 1.7:1 Low Speed Gear Ratio
  • Easy one touch gear shifting while in use
  • Line capacity - 15lb mono/ 700yds Deep spool design
  • 6 Stainless Marine Grade/ Anti Rust Bearings
  • Stainless Gears, Clickers, Springs
  • 56lbs of Drag at Max Strike Position / Extreme Power
  • 38ozs Total Weight

A small reel with a very big attitude, the EX-16 has more stopping power than most reels that are more than twice its size! The combination of its small frame and big power has allowed fishermen to downsize their tackle while upgrading their power. The easy one touch gear shifting can be engaged while in use if needed without stopping. No corners are cut in the design of any reel that Canyon produces. As with all of our reels, each EX-16 is treated with Cal's Universal Drag Grease and REELX to provide flawless operation. This little reel has become a very popular reel with many professional captains that want to put less stress on their customers and more of a beating on the fish.


  • 3.6:1 High Speed / 1.6:1 Low Speed Gear Ratio
  • Easy One Touch gear shifting while in use
  • Line Capacity 30lb mono - 975yds  Deep spool design
  • 85lbs of drag at Max Strike position / EXTREME POWER!
  • Total Weight - 65ozs

The  T6 frame creates a lightweight, strong, durable design that will not twist under the extreme pressures caused by hardcore fishermen. The EX-30 surpasses the expectations of even the harshest fishermen. A large spool capacity will allow for stepping up in line ratings to match the unmatched drag power. The EX-30 is perfect for fishermen looking to replace their 50lb class gear with smaller tackle. Today's advancement in technology, fishing rods are getting stronger and smaller. Why not match these new rods with a reel that is doing the same? Stop by a local dealer to take a closer look at our line of fishing reels.

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