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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison, the New England Saltwater Fishing Show in Providence, and the Wildwood Fishing Expo have been cancelled! Due to this situation we will be offering show pricing in our online store through April 2, 2020 or until supplies last. Thank you for your loyalty to us, and we hope to see you next year!

Another of our loyal supporters that has been impacted by the show cancellations is Noreast'r. Shop their wide range of performance fishing apparel at show pricing on their website.

Salt 4000 Now Back In Stock!

DJR 3500 Back in Stock - Order Yours Before We Run Out!

Check out our write-up in Marlin Magazine, the Salt 7500 made their list of best spinning reels!

Henry Waszczuk DJR3500 Henry Waszczuk Salt 5000

Canyon Reels joins forces with famed angler
Henry Waszczuk in his celebration of “Thirty Years on TV”

Click here for the full press release




 Each Canyon Fishing Reel is built for extreme performance and years of dependable use. The concept  behind our fishing reels is rather simple; we are offering the fisherman a power packed, super smooth, upgraded reel right out of the box! After years of upgrading other brands, the founders of Canyon Reels decided to set out and build a better fishing reel. Upgraded drag systems, upgraded bearings and high performance drag grease are just a few of the many upgrades that come standard on all Canyon Reels. Canyon Reels allow the fisherman to go smaller and lighter while maintaining optimum performance and extreme power! 

Simply put, Canyon Reels were designed to last! All of our reels come standard with upgraded, unheard of power right out of the box! Extreme drag power, standard power handles, our comfort grip spool design to allow maximum control, are just some of the features that come standard on our reels.  You can rest easy knowing that you have the experience of many fishermen behind every Canyon Reel. If you have any questions, please contact us! Don't be fooled by cheap imitations! There is only one true Canyon Reel!

We have invested several years into creating and testing the reels that we have designed.  We have worked with many fishermen from different areas of the world and we listened to their comments and suggestions. Our reels have a very big advantage over other manufacturers... We allowed experienced fishermen to help design them! Every Canyon Reel has been tested and proven to perform to our specifications that we have listed for each model. Our company is all about fishing, right down to the final assembly of our reels, which is done right here in Brick, NJ. Each reel is inspected and fine tuned before we back it up with our One Year Warranty! We use only the finest components to construct our reels, including the use of Cal's Universal Drag Grease & Corrosion X on every Canyon Reel.  All of our reel parts are available for purchase, unlike other companies that do not offer their parts. Simply put, we are all about fishing, not marketing and sales quotas!! Canyon Reels, LLC is a company made up of experienced fishermen and our products speak for themselves! Don't be fooled by the impostors, there is only one Canyon Reel on the market!

Our company is made up of fishermen, so we understand the importance of local captains that are on the water every day working hard to put fish on the deck for their customers and the large expenses that involves. We offer a discount to licensed captains that operate a professional charter business. Please contact us for more info on this program or feel free to ask any of our current Captains about our reels and how well they perform!


Jersey Nutz Sportfishing

IGFA Corporate Member       

Stay Informed: - The best source for weather forecasts

Sea surface temperatures from Rutgers University


To sign up for warranty coverage, please fill out the registration form.

All Warranty and Service requests can be addressed and shipped to:

Canyon Reels
Attn: Service Department
96 East Granada Drive
Brick, NJ 08723

Here at Canyon Reels, we strive for the best product possible at a price that allows the average fisherman the chance to enjoy their favorite sport without breaking the bank. Compare our products to the other leading brands and you will see what so many fishermen already know. "Dollar for dollar, our reels are superior!" Some fishermen think our reels are greatly under priced for their performance.  Like we have said already, we are fishermen just like you. We don't have have to spend millions to advertise our products, because our satisfied customers are our best form of advertising.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. From the day that you purchase your first Canyon Reel, you become a part of the Canyon Reel family! We will be there to answer all of your questions and offer any support that you may need for years to come. You can keep those marketing degrees that our competition hangs on their office walls... our office is on the water and the performance of our reels proves it!


25lbs of Drag .... Weighs only 13.4ozs


  • Shielded, treated, stainless steel ball bearings that allow for super smooth operation, fish after fish
  • Smooth one-touch 2-speed shifting for bringing in those large fish
  • CNC machined, one piece T6061 aircraft aluminum frame to keep reels strong, yet ultra lightweight
  • Lever drag with pre-set drag feature for accurate drag sets, fish after fish
  • Lever drag system designed to stay accurate & true
  • Marine grade anti-corrosive components that allow for many years of use
  • Double brake system for consistent spool control
  • High precision stainless steal gears that will hold up to any task
  • Deep spool design allows you to hold more line
  • High speed jigging reels, two-speed jigging reels & trolling reels
  • Many colors to choose from, anodized for a lifetime of beauty
  • A one year warranty on all Canyon Reels
  • Each reel is inspected and tuned before it is packaged for our customers

We currently offer 2 styles of high speed jigging reels. Our HS-15 model packs an incredible 25 lbs of drag power at free spool while weighing only 13.4oz. The HS-15 is perfect for everything from bay fishing to jigging offshore with a 6:1 gear ratio and a spool that holds 340yds of 60lb braided line.
Visit our HS Series page for details!

Our EX Series offers the same unheard of performance as our jigging reels. From our EX-16 model to our EX-30 model, our reels allow you to downsize your tackle while upgrading the performance & power! Our EX-16 reels have replaced many 50lb class reels for marlin, swordfish and tuna on several professional charter boats around the world.  Extra loud clickers, smooth drag performance and easy gear shifting while fighting a fish have quickly made our EX Series the only reels being used by many tournament boats. Visit our EX Series page for more details! 

Every Canyon Reel is assembled using Cal's Drag Grease and  GetSome 1000 for optimum performance and added protection! Both of these products help to maintain the performance & confidence that Canyon Reels continues to deliver to our customers.

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